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Affective Parenting: What does it consist of?

December 22, 20220

Super Mom, we always talk about ourselves, about how fighters, strong and decisive we are for our well-being and that of the family, but today we will give this space to the daddies, those responsible men who are part of the upbringing of our little ones and have decided to put an end to those sexist cultural patterns of the past.

We have always seen how the father's role in raising children was not so active with respect to his presence, developing a model of fatherhood that we continue to observe to this day.

In the past, the mother was in charge of the education and health of the children, and not because the paternal figure did not exist, but because she was looking for the economic support of the home, which is why it was very common to hear him "don't bother." to dad who is tired”, “dad doesn't do anything because he spends all day working”, “we don't see dad because he provides our expenses”, limiting the father figure to only being the provider of the house.

Happy dad taking a selfie with his daughter

This image has faded over time and now we can see parents willing to participate in the upbringing of their little ones, take them to school, listen to their needs, attend to their hygiene and other duties, well says the psychologist Fanny Berger "no There is a manual for being a father, not an ideal model either. The first lights to illuminate this path are love, desire and dedication.”

Dad and mom are not together:

No matter the circumstances of a separation, both parents remain responsible for raising their children. They have the right to have the presence of both of them to preserve their emotional and mental well-being. So Super Mom, if this is your case, communicate with the father of your little ones with respect and understanding so that they can reach an agreement, where he and you are part of their formation.

Dad and mom are a couple:

Work and home responsibilities can leave us exhausted, so it is important to have the support and understanding of your partner. Take turns with some

Tasks such as taking them to school, showering them, getting them ready for bed, preparing breakfast, among others, give each one time to rest to do some individual activity.

This type of agreement in couples, in addition to helping healthy upbringing of children, allows us to strengthen the relationship, since it maintains the individuality necessary to reformat ourselves and continue with day-to-day activities. Plan Super Mom!

Happy parents are their little girl

Dad works all day:

Fatherhood is a beautiful thing, but it is certainly not easy. It requires a lot of responsibility and balancing your own needs with those of the little ones, which is why we recommend seeing this as an ongoing process, where you can learn in stages.

Previously, it could be seen how the man was the sole provider of the house, going out to work to provide well-being and security for his family. Today we begin to see how they are the ones who stay taking care of the house and the kids, while mom works or they both go out to work to return home and share the duties.

Make a team, assign tasks and help dad focus on the quality of the time shared and not on the quantity, since it is something difficult to maintain in the face of daily demands, opt for: reading a story before bed, chatting during dinner or weekend during the week at a sleepover, they need to open connections with their children and that is achieved through communication.

Dad and displays of affection:

Dad has always been kept in a role where he must be a serious, distant and strict man with his children, eliminating at all times any act that expresses the love and devotion he may feel as a father. We do not know for what purpose this idea was developed, but luckily today it is far from being the case, and more and more parents show with kisses, hugs, attention and understanding the affection they feel for their little ones.

Education with equity for boys and girls:

Thoughts like “dad takes care of the boy and mom takes care of the girl” “these are girl things and dad wouldn't understand” were established in our culture for a long time, today we can see how parents show more interest in taking part in both the needs of their sons as well as those of their daughters, with a willingness to educate, guide and protect both equally.

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The upbringing of our little ones must be based on the interest in them being better people and preparing them for a world different from the one we have known.

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