About us

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We are the first private hospital in the Republic of Panama, ready to serve you with warmth, experience and professionalism under the best quality and safety standards.

About us

Clínica Hospital San Fernando was founded in 1949 to offer the community top quality hospital services, while giving Panamanian doctors the opportunity to practice in a modern and safe environment where the only requirements for admission were suitability and probity.

Seventy-four years later, that is still our north. This has been recognized by three generations of doctors, health professionals and patients, who find in the San Fernando Hospital Clinic the technology, professionalism, comfort and warmth that come together to create well-being.

Our Managers

Elisa of Lewis

Elisa of Lewis

General manager
Dr Jose Manuel

Dr. Jose Manuel Teran

Medical director
Dr. Jorge Martin

Dr. Jorge Martin

Deputy Medical Director

Our Mission

“Provide health services in a personalized and comprehensive manner, where the community finds quality and safety in care, warmth, innovation and technological excellence. We are committed to the well-being of our collaborators and to creating superior value.”

Our Vision

“To be the best internationally certified private Hospital in Panama and recognized for efficient care, clinical excellence and an offer of integrated services that exceed the expectations of patients, doctors and users.”

Our Values

  • Priority to the Life and Function of the Individual.
  • Nondiscrimination.
  • Updated Medical Care Standards.
  • Quality and Safety in Attention
  • Human warmth
  • Identification and fulfillment of objectives and goals