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B/. 0.05 cents per minutes consumed (Amount does not include the ITBMS).
Lost card has a charge of B/. 10.00 (Amount does not include the ITBMS).
*Regular Rate (patients and visitors): 1/2 hour free.
*Special Rate A (one companion of a patient hospitalized at CHSF): Free parking during the hospitalization period. Request a card at the Main Admission of La Clínica Hospital San Fernando and present it at each exit to validate the dates.

Security Recommendations
  1. Make sure your car is completely closed, do not leave valuables inside the car.
  2. Do not leave children, pets, elderly people, or disabled people alone in the parked car.
  3. Do not park in reserved or restricted areas, any unauthorized car will be removed from the area and placed at the disposal of the competent authorities and the owner of the car will assume all responsibility.
  4. The card does not constitute a contract or deposit receipt. Its use allows you to use a space to park your car, enter and exit it and to pay the indicated fee. 
  5. The user accepts that the service they receive is for temporary use of a parking area, so they expressly exonerate La Loma Parking Group Corp. and the Clínica Hospital San Fernando SA, and/or their employees for the total or partial loss of the vehicle. (theft, robbery, misappropriation, fire, flood, collision or any adverse event), as well as any object left in it. Likewise, it exonerates La Loma Parking Group Corp. A Clínica Hospital San Fernando SA, and/or its employees for any damage or loss, of any kind, caused by the automobile in the parking area, as well as any that could suffer the owner, driver and occupant due to the use of parking. 
  6. La Loma Parking Group Corp. and Clínica Hospital San Fernando SA do not assume any responsibility in relation to the above, the entry, parking and exit of the car is the sole and exclusive responsibility of its owner, driver or occupants.
Parking Lot

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