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The Association of Anesthesiologists at Clínica San Fernando is made up of 13 specialists.

She has been in charge of anesthetic management for more than 40 years in the different areas of the hospital where her services are required. The work is divided into morning, afternoon and night shifts. During 365 days a year, the group offers continuous and permanent coverage. In addition, it coordinates with the hospital administration the ethical and professional policies inherent to this type of service. There are specialists in general anesthesia, pain, cardiovascular anesthesia and pediatric anesthesia. The group was founded by Doctors Dante Viggiano and Rodrigo Bernal, now retired from active practice. The group continuously promotes professional and personal improvement, generational renewal and is recognized as the most prestigious Anesthesia group in the country.


Telephone Central: 305-6300 Ext. 8242
Direct: 261-8749
Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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